No Fear Futbol

Dallas Surf’s NFF Program is designed to prepare our players for their top level.  We will train the player to maximize their individual Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological abilities that will allow them to play at a high level and ensure that they are ready for whatever the game throws at them. Players will be divided into appropriate age and ability groups to make sure that they are pushed but not overwhelmed. The NFF program will encourage creativity and playing with flair and aggressiveness, which are a trademark of Dallas Surf Teams. Our goal is for our players to step on the field with a confidence that shows they Fear No One.   

NFF will be offered once a week and will be a free program for all Dallas Surf Players.

No Fear Futbol

When: Fridays Sept 16-Oct 21
Where: The Rec At Grapevine
Times: 6-7PM | 2016s-2018s & 20011s-2015s
Address: 1175 Municipal Way, Grapevine, TX 76051