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Dallas Surf Select Program U11-U18

The Dallas Surf Select National Training Program is focused on identifying and developing players of the highest caliber, facilitating their development, and exposing them to the next level of play in their chosen pathway.  As we strive to be the Best of the Best, we need to ensure that our top teams are capable of playing with the best.  The PTP will facilitate that.  

Process:  Initially, all Dallas Surf Players from the U10 – U13 age groups will be invited to Select sessions to be evaluated. We will hold multiple training sessions so that all players have multiple times to be evaluated. From there, selected players will be notified. Selections will be made by the PTP staff. We will have sessions throughout the year to allow new players into the program. Not being included initially does not eliminate a player from future consideration.

Selected players will combine for intense, match-realistic training sessions that challenge their abilities within the four components of the game: technical ability, tactical awareness, fitness and athleticism, and decision-making skills. Player selections and training will be led by our nationally licensed Premier Training Staff.  These groups will play games and tournaments throughout the year.

This program is not designed to take away from our players current teams, but to challenge our elite players, and also give a goal for all players in our club to reach. We believe in every player competing at the correct level for them and maximizing every player’s talent regardless of level.    

We look forward to seeing everyone out on the pitch!